Thursday, 12 February 2015

Winter...It's Finally Here!

Whoa is me. Last week we had sunshine, blue skies and no snow. For those of you that keep track of the weather across the country, you'll have heard that Newfoundland is to be hit with four storm fronts this week. Who's going to get the worst of it? Us, the Avalon. And more specifically, Conception Bay North, which is us! Supposed to get up to 40 cm today, possibly another 10 overnight. Then, probably start up again Saturday night. Hopefully, my guests for the weekend will be granted a window of opportunity on Saturday and be able to make it safely to The Bayside. All I know is, if they're able to get here, they're going to get one, delicious breakfast on Sunday! It's been a little quiet here and I'm itching to get busy in the kitchen.

I have been busy during our quiet time experimenting with some baking. One thing I love to have available to my guests is a sweet treat to help themselves to during their stay. I've been trying some different recipes of granola/energy bars to satisfy their sweet tooth. I always try to spoil our guests in one way or another, and I just love to bake! Hopefully, you'll have the opportunity to visit us in the future and sample some of my baking.

Now, while I don't have any pictures of the storm of February 2015 that's brewing outside, why don't I share with you something a little more pleasant today.

This little beauty of a scene is a view from Coley's Point. Once called Coldeast Point, according to the local dialect, was referred to as 'Cole Less Point', which eventually evolved from this local translation to Coley's Point. At least, that's one historian's explanation. Coley's Point is one of several small communities that make up the town of Bay Roberts. We love driving along this part of the shore as it's very picturesque. I took this picture just last week. It was a beautiful sunny day, barely any snow on the ground and the top of the bay was just little crackles of ice, as you see here. Honestly, you just can't take any bad pictures on our part of the Avalon. It's really a photographers dream. I'll share some of my favourites with you in the future. We've even had a few professional photographers stay with us here at The Bayside and it's all I can do to convince them to just put their camera down and eat their breakfast! It'll be even worse when we put our new picture windows in the dining room and then everyone will be able to see that beautiful view from every table. I can hardly wait! It'll almost be like having a solarium at the back of the house. That's due to get installed in the month of April, so I'll be sure to share some pictures of that with you.

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Until next time, keep warm and dry!

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  1. Hi Judy,

    You certainly do live in a beautiful part of the world, and how cool is it that you have a B&B! I bet you're an awesome host.

    I saw your message on feedburner and followed your link. If you want, email me your issue and we can discuss. Believe me, you won't get much help on their site.