Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I Want To Fly Like An Eagle

Have you ever had that dream where you can fly? I mean, jump up off the ground and soar above the earth and look at all the tiny people below? I have. Many times. It was a great feeling, too. I know I'm not the only person to have that dream. Maybe that's why so many people are just fascinated by birds. They can be sitting perfectly still on a small branch and within a split second--they're gone! Or a band of starlings. Hundreds of them, flying and twisting in one direction and then the next. They almost look like a cloud, not a flock of birds. Even sea gulls. Back in southern Ontario, when I saw seagull flying near our home, it was usually to pick at some garbage on the street or scoop up some french fries that someone had spilled on the sidewalk. But here, when I see a seagull near our home, they're usually catching a breeze and coasting above the water, only to dive in and grab a little supper.

I think we're all a little fascinated by flight. I still can't get over how such a heavy piece of equipment. aka jet plane, can taxi down the runway at top speed and manage to lift off the ground and fly into the blue yonder. I don't have a fear of flying but it still is a marvel to me. Humans are always trying to copy nature and adapt it to a human use. Some good and some bad.

But why am I bringing this up? Look at who paid a visit to The Bayside this morning.

So handsome, isn't he? Caught him on the back cabin this morning while I was having a cup of tea. Normally, I'll just see a big, black crow or a sea gull, sitting on the top. Perched up there, surveying the water. But I had this nice surprise today. Actually, bald eagles are pretty common around here. We've had up to three circling around the back. They're just amazing to watch, the way they dip and dive. And with so little effort. Now this is the kind of flying I wish I could do! He managed to sit still long enough for me to take his picture, and then.....

Just beautiful.

And that, is part of the beauty of Newfoundland. You don't know who's going to pay you a little visit. Living here, you really appreciate just how delicate the balance is between human habitation and encroaching on nature's living space. Thankfully, we live just outside of Bay Roberts where we don't live on top of our neighbours and we have some breathing space.

And some flying space. Thank you for the visit this morning. Come back anytime!


  1. Amazing!! Can't wait to visit your wonderful spot :)

    1. Just bring a little warmth and sunshine, and pull up a seat!