Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Adventures of Cole--Snow Cat in Disguise!

This is Cole. My handsome, little boy. (As 
opposed to my big handsome boy, Basil)
Not too many people have seen The Bayside cats and that's because they're not allowed in the guest areas in case anyone has allergies or for those people that are afraid of cats. He's also strictly an indoor cat so you wouldn't see him hanging around outside. But let me tell you--he loves the outdoors! He is a part time escape artist that will dart out the backdoor before you can say, "Have you seen Cole?" So, today, I thought because we were having such a nice snow day, I would give him the chance to experience what all Newfoundlanders do this time of year. 

"Just let me stick my nose out for a bit"

"Hey, what is this stuff? Looks like a neat white carpet to me! I'll bet you can really see my black hair on this, hahaha!!"

Yes, Cole is famous for his soft, puffy tail and
he just loves to leave his long, luscious hairs on all of my white t-shirts.

But somehow, that white carpet didn't  feel quite right to him. In fact, it was a little too wet. And cold. And all of a sudden, going outside didn't seem to be such a great idea after all.

Spending a snow day indoors isn't such a bad idea. Smart cat. Mind if I join you?

*Please be advised, that our guests do not need to poke their nose outdoors to check on the weather. They can look outside from the comfort of our common room while the fire is burning in the wood stove.

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